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Sachin Raut

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Visionary Entrepreneur

Transforming Ideas into Impactful Ventures, Connect for Business Opportunities. I feel if we can build and motivate the right team then you can achieve your goal for sure.

TOP RATED Software Consultant

As a software consultant, I provide expertise, guidance, and solutions to clients or organizations seeking assistance with the software-related needs

Director & Co-founder

As a Director & Co-Founder, Guiding my organizations towards success through visionary initiatives, fostering growth, and driving operational excellence.

Digital Marketing Expert

Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert with a proven track record of crafting and executing comprehensive strategies that drive online presence and business growth. Specialized in leveraging the power of SEO, social media, content marketing, and data analytics to optimize digital campaigns.

Certified Project Manager

Certified Project Management Expert with a steadfast commitment to delivering successful outcomes. Specialized in strategic planning, risk management, and team collaboration. Harnessing a blend of expertise and certification to drive efficiency, innovation, and excellence in project execution.

Passionate IT Enthusiast

Passionate IT Enthusiast and Tech Aficionado. Embracing the digital realm with a flair for innovation, problem-solving, and staying at the forefront of technological evolution. Transforming Tech Challenges into Solutions with expertise.

Sachin Raut

Entrepreneur | Software Consultant | Web Expert | Digital Marketing Expert | Co-Founder & Director Gaffis Technologies Pvt. Ltd, India

I am Sachin Raut Top Rated Software Consultant, Expert in Agile Methodologies & Full Stack Development, Passionate about Driving Business Transformation through Technology, Innovation Specialist and a Problem Solver.

I started career as programmer, then started a IT company Gaffis Technologies Private Limited and currently working there as Founder & Director.

IT Professional with a rich 15-year journey marked by innovation, leadership, and technical expertise. A proven track record of adapting to industry shifts while consistently delivering impactful results.

My main vision is to accomplish my clients goals and requirements. I have one simple terminology “Once I get hired consider your work done.”

I have a strong and dedicated team of Full Stack Development, Digital Marketing, Mobile Apps, VLSI, ReactJS, UI/UX, WordPress, Laravel, SEO and PHP. My Team always available to serve their best while coming to the point of work. They have track record of completing 150+ successful projects and serving around 60+ clients worldwide.

Sachin Raut

Sachin Raut


– Steve Jobs –

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